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Payroll Services

The payrolls services are mainly used by the organization. These services are mainly used by the organization for the establishment of the employee and the employer relations. The payroll maintenance is a very time consuming process and sometimes becomes very difficult for a single person to handle whole procedure. Better, to choose the payroll service option provided by the several chartered accountant firms that gives the responsibility of the several accountant services are allotted to the external A S Rawat Associates that maintains them and keeps the updated records on the regular basis. The employment rules keep on changing periodically and in such cases a payroll services are the best option that can be selected any organization. The service like management of the employee attendance records; calculation of the salary; providing the online and on time salary; maintenance of the salary register and monthly salary report; issuing monthly salary slips to the employee; computation of the overtime, bonus and leave; etc. many more are the parts of the payroll services.

The payroll services provided by us are as follows

We are the professional tax consultant in Delhi and provide the payroll management services.


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